Posted on 10 January 2018

Michael Gove made an announcement at the Oxford Farming Conference on 4th January declaring that Basic Payment Scheme subsidies have been confirmed from the point of leaving the EU up until 2024, although it is not clear at what level. During this 5 year transition period suggested changes include introducing a straight cap at a maximum level or through a sliding scale of reductions, to the largest payments first in order to allow farmers to prepare for the changes.

After 2024 he states that a further subsidy would be based on public money for public goods. Financial support will be available for those who choose to farm in the most sustainable fashion and enhance the natural environment. Examples of this may be planting woodland, providing new habitats for wildlife, increasing biodiversity, contributing to improved water quality and offering public access.

Additional funding may be available to groups of farmers that work together to provide landscape scale environmental benefits. It is also suggested that there will be further investment in "technology and skills alongside infrastructure, public access and rural resilienceā€

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