Basic Payment Scheme: What is happening over the next three months?
Posted on 18 November 2015

The Rural Payment Agency (RPA) has received over 88,000 applications for the new Basic Payment Scheme this year. Since all the applications were submitted the RPA have been contacting anyone who they needed additional information from which were missing from their original records. They have also been adding the information from the application forms into their computer system called “Rural Payments”.

So what is next?

October 2015

In October the RPA have been working on land and entitlement transfers. They have been contacting anyone who has sent a RLE1 form to let parties know if their transfers are completed and the person they have transferred too.

November 2015

The RPA will announce the payment rates for the Basic Payment Scheme (entitlement values and the greening payment rate) and the young farmer payment. As mentioned a few weeks ago the exchange rate was set at €1 = £0.73129; all those who applied for entitlements from the National Reserve as new entrants will be contacted to tell them whether their application has been successful.

December 2015

Payments will start from the 1 December. The aim for the RPA is to make the majority of the payments by 31 December. Once the payment has been completed a Remittance Advice which will show the amount paid will be sent. If a payment is not going to be made until before the end of January 2016, the RPA will contact the individual explaining why the payment has not been made and an estimate to when it should be completed by.

January 2016

The vast majority of payments should be made by 31 January, if not the RPA will remain in contact with the individuals informed to when they should be paid. After the Remittance Advice a Claim Statement will be sent. The Claim Statement will show how the RPA have work out the payment and give details of any reductions or penalties applied.

Avoiding fraud

In the past, banks have warned that fraudsters- pretending to be from their bank’s fraud department may try and target farmers who receive subsidy payments. The same fraudulent activity could take place this year, so be aware- particularly as December approaches and payments start.


·         The bank will never ask you for your full online password


·         Your bank will not ask you to make a payment over the phone using your online account. 

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