Basic Payment Scheme Claims For 2016
Posted on 10 March 2016

Basic Payment Scheme claims for 2016 may be submitted online using the Rural Payment service or you can obtain a BP5 form from the RPA. Hopefully later this week it may be possible to begin the process.

You can now view and change your personal and business details and transfer entitlements online and hopefully around mid-March you claim can be submitted.

If you registered for BPS in 2015 there is no need to re-register. If you are a new applicant and have not previously registered you must contact the RPA on 03000 200 301. Once you have registered and received your Customer Registration Number (CRN) you must then sign into the Rural Payments Services enter the CRN and security number and then create your own password. Once you have completed this stage you will then be able to see your own details, your land parcels and the entitlements you hold. The business details must be checked and any persons not connected/or who has left the business can be removed. Additional people can be added to your business providing they have a CRN number.

Your land and entitlements can also be viewed on line together with your land parcels associated with your SBI. Each parcel has been listed as arable, permanent grassland, permanent crops or non-agricultural land and will show the eligible area you can claim for BPS.

If you submitted an RLE 1 to remove an ineligible feature this work may not have been completed and may not be shown your maps. If the work has not been completed then an exclamation icon should be displayed next to the land parcel. You do not need to submit a further RLE 1.

Your maps can be printed but only by individual field basis. Last year the RPA sent a full set of RLR maps and where possible these should be used again for your 2016 BPS claim. However if there have been any mapping issues then it is recommended that you print the field from the land viewer. The key things to check are the land parcel is associated with your SBI, if you have submitted and RLE 1 to check the amendments have been carried out or not. If there are further changes you need to make print off the field parcel from the land viewer and make the amendments/drawing on the map. You must also complete an RLE 1 form and this should be submitted to the RPA prior to 16 May 2016. We would strongly recommend you take copies and send your RLE 1 forms and maps Royal Mail Special Delivery.

If you are transferring land it is advisable to transfer the land on line and should transfer from one party to the other overnight. If you are transferring part of a field then you will need to complete and RLE 1. Only whole fields can be transferred on line.

The RPA have confirmed that claim statements will be sent out via post unlike the entitlement statements, these are available to view on line. The transfer of entitlements can also be completed on line. The deadline for transferring entitlements is 16 May 2016.

If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact the Tow Law Office.

For further information regarding Common land and shared grazing:

The Rural Payments Agency has confirmed that you can apply on line and submit your 2016 Basic Payment application from 19 March. For 2016 BP scheme rules go to

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