5 tips for a successful planning application
Posted on 02 February 2018

5 tips for a successful planning application

  1. Do your research
    Vickers and Barrass can advise you on whether your proposed development needs planning permission and if so the likelihood of securing permission. It may be beneficial to submit a pre-application enquiry to the local planning authority. A pre-application enquiry can raise any key issues before submission to avoid generating costs.
  2. Meet validation requirements
    Local planning authorities have strict requirements for supporting documentation. Vickers and Barrass can provide the full package of mandatory document requirements including scaled location and site plans.
  3. Choose trustworthy and reliable industry experts to provide supporting reports
    Vickers and Barrass work with a range of specialists including architects, structural surveyors and ecologists.
  4. Communicate with your planning officer
    It is important to maintain good lines of communication with the appointed planning officer. Communication by email is usually the most effective method of contact.
  5. Regularly check the Councils planning web page
    Local authorities are required to upload details of all planning applications submitted to their website for public access. Here you can find public and consultee comments which may have been made regarding your application.
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