Basic Payment, Countryside Stewardship Schemes and Grants

Vickers and Barrass are able to assist with a range of grant and subsidy matters including the Basic Payment Scheme, Countryside Stewardship Schemes and Grants.

Pat Cotterill is a specialist at Vickers and Barrass benefiting from a broad knowledge of this sector following previous employment within the RPA and Natural England.

The Government has now confirmed that they will continue to fund new Countryside Stewardship Agreements which are signed after the 23rd November up until the point that Brexit takes effect. Where these agreements run beyond the exit from the EU the required funding will be met by the government. This means that funding will be made available for Countryside Stewardship agreements with a start date of 1st January 2017.

If you require help with these matters, please contact the Tow Law office 01388 730095.

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